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Home Workout Essentials as Following


Really want to work out? Your home can be your gym too!

You should not forget that ‘Health is Wealth’ So we have to take good care ourselves by doing workout and ofcourse eat healthy foods.

These list of gym equipments will help you sweat it out at your home- free of membership charge! Choose from these gears ( Dumbbells, Barbells, Yoga Mats, Pull Up Bar, Rings, Medicine Ball, Jump Rope, Kettle bells, and Plyo box ) in order for you to make a gym room at your comfort zone.

Home Workout Starter Pack

Essentials as following:

1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells can be used for weight training as well as full-body fitness. Using dumbbells can be a great way to workout at home or at the gym. … Dumbbells are especially effective, because as well as working the main muscles, they also require numerous stabilizing muscles to help out.

2. Yoga Mat

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Yoga mats (also called sticky mats) are used in most yoga classes to provide cushioning and traction. While you can usually rent a mat at a yoga studio, it’s a good idea to buy your own. It will pay for itself pretty quickly so you don’t have to wait and see if this yoga thing sticks before taking the plunge into mat ownership.

3. Resistance Band

A resistance band is an elastic band used for strength training. They are also commonly used in physical therapy, specifically by convalescents of muscular injuries, including cardiac rehab patients to allow slow rebuilding of strength.

4. Kettle Bell

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In most situations, kettlebells are used for increasing grip strength, or for performing specific movements that are designed to build strength and endurance in the lower back, legs, and shoulders. These movements include full body exercises like the swing, snatch, and the clean and jerk.

5. Bench Press 7-1

The bench press is a core fundamental exercise for developing upper body strength. You’re not only working your pectorals (chest), you are also working your anterior deltoids (front shoulders), triceps brachii, and latissimus dorsi (back).

6. Barbells

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The barbell is the longer version of the dumbbell which is used for free weight training and competitive sports, such as powerlifting, Olympic weight lifting, and CrossFit. Many exercises can be done using the barbell, such as bicep curl, bench press, Olympic weightlifting, over head press, deadlift, and squat. Standard barbells are usually an estimated weight of 20 kilograms (44 lb). Many fitness categories use the barbell for different reasons, for example powerlifters use the barbell to perform compound exercise movements.

7. Pull Up Bar

The pull-up bar is completely free standing and has practically no give when completing pull-ups or chin-ups. One of the biggest advantages to building a freestanding pull-up bar like this one is that you can build it to whatever height you like. Also, unlike most gym equipment, it can easily disassembled and reassembled.

8. Rings

Designed specifically for strength and fitness workouts, each pair of Fitstream Rings comes with two extra-long straps, allowing you to hang the rings up to 8 feet below the attachment point.

9. Medicine Ball

Medicine balls develop coordination and balanceDoing exercises when off-balance helps to work deeper muscles, the ones that are vital to maintaining good posture. … This will develop your intermuscular coordination, build up your abs and lower back muscles, and burn more calories through using more muscle mass.

10. Jump Rope

What is jump rope good for? Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope. … “It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time, but other considerations will determine if it’s appropriate for an individual.”

11. Plyo Box

Beginners up to advanced exercisers benefit from these Life Fitness plyo boxes because they’re an excellent way to perform box jumps, box squats, squat lunges, incline and decline pushups without any hard edges or intimidating heights.

Where can you buy these gym equipments?

Good thing is! You can still buy a gym equipments for your home during the quarantine.

Many people now adays starting to build a small businesses like selling gym equipments thru online. You will see posts in different platforms in social media.

While building your own gym at home you are helping them at the same time by buying these gears thru their online business.