In this generation of click, swipe, stream and downloads, it’s high  time to find an alternative form of entertainment that will rival the influx of digital tech, a form of leisure that will convince you to rise from your seat and physically be activeagain. Why not try the “Escape Room” experience?

    What is an Escape Room? An Escape Room (or Escape Game), is a mental, physical and interactive game concept where players are placed inside a room with a particular situation or theme. The players should be able to get out of the room by finding clues, hints and riddles, solve puzzles, open locks and the like.


    One such Escape Room is I-Detective Sleuth Games, the “in place” to bring your detective aspirations to life. Highly recommended as a bonding venue for families and friends, as a teambuilding affair for companies and even as a party concept. Come and visit this modern day indoor playground to de-stress and stimulate your mind and body. 


    After only 8 months in operation, I-Detective Sleuth Games has already been recognized by a business award giving entity, namely The Elite Business and Leadership Awards, as one of 2019’s Elite Business Excellence awardees, as the PremierEscape Game Room.” The Netizen’s Best Choice Awards Council, this time an online media award giving body, has also awarded I-Detective as this year’s “Best Choice Escape Game Room.”


    Currently, I-Detective has five exciting themed rooms: The Mysterious Castle, The Creepy Carnival, The Abandoned School, The Hidden Museum and The Cabin In The Woods. All of these Escape Room themes are original. Months of research and careful construction of all these rooms and customized imported items, such as the puzzles, movable objects and mechanisms all contribute to a totally exciting gaming experience.


    Visit I-Detective Sleuth Games at Festival Mall, Level 3 Expansion Wing, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. For more information and online bookings, visit their website or call 244-9558.