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Flying Drone to the Second Highest Peak in the World

We stumble across a video of a guy flying a drone to the second highest peak in the world. His name is Petr Jan...

Boracay Closure is Now Official

Effective April 26, Boracay will be closed for rehabilitation and massive clean up as approved by President Rodrigo Duterte. He earlier described the island as...

Puerto Galera featuring Dolphin Villa

We have found a unique private residence, just 3 hours away from Manila, that is perfect for summer vacation — and it’s Dolphin Villa...

A Year In A Life of A Travel Vlogger (2017)

Our friend Ted shares his thoughts on what has transpired during his 2017 journey. Giving shoutouts and credits to people who helped him make...

Top 5 Adventures in the Philippines

The Philippines has never been more accessible by travellers from all over the world. From untouched islands to traditional dishes, but most importantly it's...

We’re Heading Into a Super Long Weekend

Plan your staycation or a getaway, get outdoor and enjoy nature as we're heading into a super weekend getaway.

DJI Mavic VS GoPro Karma

Visa Free Travel to Republic of China – Taiwan

Gazing at Cherry Blossom, taking a hot bath from natural hot springs, experience outdoor rock concert like never before and devour Chinese cuisines at...

Cebu Pac Piso Fare, and More!

The wet season has come and it's the time of the year again when airline promo fares are up for grabs.  Without further ado, and...


This week, we have chosen the island of #Palawan. Expect to see attractions like limestones lakes, crystalline ocean, white sand beaches, rocky coves, mountains ranges and world renowned parks and sites from the island. Team