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STI Celebrated its 35th Anniversary at Enchanted Kingdom


This month, one of the country’s biggest educational institutions, STI, celebrated its 35th anniversary at Enchanted Kingdom, where more than 20,000 of its students attended and participated in the whole day of festivity with an exclusive use of the entire theme park

For the past 35 years, STI has produced exemplary graduates who are highly prepared for the real world through its Enrollment to Employment (E2E) system, a holistic education approach for student development.

For the upcoming second semester, students can look forward to a line-up of activities where they can continue to showcase their creativity and skills outside the classroom. Other major events that students look forward to include the STI National Youth Convention, the largest educational caravan in the country, and the STI Sports Cup featuring the National Basketball Tournament and the National Volleyball League.

STI offers a standardized curriculum with mirrored activities across its network. This guarantees that every student experiences the same developmental activities in each campus in its network.

STI looks forward to helping students reach their full potential and hone their skills as they deliver quality education and services. “Apart from the skills, the knowledge and the competencies that they learn in the classroom, they are able to also interact with others, collaborate, and communicate. So all of these are part of our developmental activities,” said STI assistant vice president for academic research Aisa Hipolito,

In line with its continuing mandate to provide holistic education and to produce highly competent graduates, STI once more opens its institution for enrollment in the second semester of 2018. For students planning to shift courses or to transfer for the second semester, STI also provides hassle-free processing through the STI Priority Transfer Program.

For more information, visit www.sti.edu

Photos: STI official fan page

Red Bull Music 3Style is Back!


MANILA, Philippines – Red Bull Music 3Style is back in the Philippines for its fifth year as a nationwide tournament. The National Finals brings five (5) of the country’s top DJ’s to battle it out for a spot in the World Finals at Xylo at the Palace, in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, on Saturday, November 17th, 2018.

Qualifying DJ’s applied online and uploaded a short, five minute performance video showcasing three different musical genres. Each entry was judged on skill, originality, and music selection.

The six (6) DJ’s who advanced to the Red Bull Music 3Style Philippine National Finals are:

·         iNBiTUiN

·         Mark Thompson

·         Gavin Skewes

·         Arpee Ong

·         Jan Musa

·         DYHA

This year’s selection of judges include a number of the most influential names in the DJ scene.

·         DJ Shintaro (2013 World Champion) (Japan)

·         DJ Puffy (2016 World Champion) (Barbados)

For almost ten years, Red Bull Music 3Style has established itself as a premier global event. This year’s tournament brings DJs from 20 countries to go head-to-head at the World Finals in Taiwan to become the 2018 World Champion.

The time is now for a new face to step up and represent the Philippines. Who will it be? Who will bring the best beats and represent the Philippines?

#redbullmusic3style #playwithmusic #eagleph #GetFeatured #wetakeyouthere

Photos: Red Bull Music 3Style

PBE Don (Donald Gimperoso) to Represent Philippines at Red Bull Kumiteu


MANILA, Philippines – On Saturday, September 29th, 2018, PBE Don (Donald Gimperoso) defeated the best Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players in the Philippines to advance to the global Last Chance Qualifier at the Red Bull Kumite Finals in Paris, France this November. The tournament took place at Chaos Nightclub, in City of Dreams, Manila.

“I’m very happy since I won the tournament,” shares Kumite winner, Donald Gimperoso. “It was a close match. My opponent made last minute adjustments and I had a hard time closing out the game.”

What is Red Bull Kumite?

Every year, the world’s top Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players come to battle it out at the annual Red Bull Kumite! On its 4th consecutive year as a global e-sports tournament, qualifiers have been taking place in several countries including Japan, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Red Bull Kumite has three stages:

Qualifiers: Eight (8) countries compete in online and offline tournaments

Last Chance Qualifier: 256 players will collide for the last two (2) remaining spots in the World Finals

World Finals: Sixteen (16) of the best Street Fighter V players go head-to-head until only one player remains.

Kumite: The Manila Showdown

For the inaugural Philippine Red Bull Kumite Qualifier, players from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao competed for the chance to represent the country in Paris, France, for the Last Chance Qualifier. The tournament brought out the best the Philippines had to offer for an afternoon of exciting back-and-forth action.

In the end, PBE Don (Donald Gimperoso) stood tall as the first winner of Red Bull Kumite’s Philippine Qualifier after a close and highly emotional match against PBE Jamse (James Prado). Both Gimperoso and Prado are no strangers to each other, having faced off in competitive matches many times in the past. But yet, despite Gimperoso’s dominance, Prado became a sentimental favorite for the hundreds in attendance.

“I’m happy with my performance,” shares James Prado. “PBE Don is my demon. Locally, he is a beast who defeats everyone. I could hardly beat him before, so now it was an achievement for me to be able to match him through three consecutive rounds.”

PBE Don (Donald Gimperoso) has competed in numerous tournaments overseas and regarded as one of the most dominant forces in the local gaming scene. “I’m used to competing at a big stage,” says Gimperoso. “There’s very little pressure for me. I’m excited, and I expect the best players from around the world. My strategy is to watch their matches online and familiarize myself with their move set.”

Gimperoso advances to the Last Chance Qualifier in Paris, France, where he will face a roster of the best Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players from each corner of the world. Focused and determined to take the Championship home to the Philippines, Gimperoso has a simple message to the competition: “Prepare yourselves because the Philippines has a representative now. Good luck!”

About Red Bull

The premium Energy Drink known all around the world – Red Bull (Blue & Silver can) – was launched in the Philippines last May 2012. Thanks to its unique formula, Red Bull Energy Drink gives you wings by vitalizing body and mind. For more information on Red Bull, visit our website at www.redbull.com and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: facebook.com/redbull | twitter.com/redbullph | instagram.com/redbullph

STI Fosters Student Development Through Holistic Education


Manila, Philippines – Shaping the youth goes beyond classroom learning as academic institutions now offer a wide array of extra-curricular activities to help build character and better prepare students for the real world. As one of the country’s biggest educational institutions, STI has also adopted this mindset as they apply a holistic education approach within its Enrollment to Employment (E2E) system.

With its dedication to produce well-balanced and highly talented graduates, STI has developed specialized extra-curricular programs that allow students to hone and exhibit their talents inside and outside of their respective courses.

One of its marquee programs is its long-running STI Talent Search, which the institution holds annually to promote the sharing and fostering of innate talents of its students nationwide.

Over 20,000 senior high school and college students from STI campuses in different parts of the country will gather in a whole-day celebration of talents, skills, and achievements that upholds STI’s thrust towards excellence on October 5, 2018 at the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

For 35 remarkable years of developing students’ potentials through academic and extra-curricular activities, STI holds true to its commitment to hone the next generation of well-rounded individuals.

The competition is held across all STI campuses nationwide which begins with STIers competing in the local level. Top participants are then elevated into the cluster level and culminated with its grand national finale.

The STI Talent Search will feature STI’s finest student musicians, dancers, heartthrobs, and darlings to compete in this year’s Singing Idol, Battle of the Bands, Hataw Sayaw, and Mr. & Ms. STI.

As the grand finale draws closer, students and publics alike can look back at the best STI talents from this year’s Nationals on the 2018 STI Talent Search on www.sti.edu.

In the coming months, the Tagisan ng Talino and Tagisan ng Sining will take place across the STI network. These academic competitions include Think Quest (team quiz bee), CodeFest (mobile app development), Stand up & Deliver (impromptu speech), Essay Does It! (essay writing), Mix n’ Flair (flair bartending), All in Place (table setting with menu card preparation), Travelogue (tour guiding),Chef Xpress (cooking competition), Worth the Wisk (cake decoration), Shutter’s Best (photography), and Director’s Cut (video making).

STI also holds the STI National Youth Convention, an educational caravan in key cities across the country that aims to inspire and enlighten students through talks from esteemed speakers and experts.

Boosting STIers’ athleticism, discipline, and sportsmanship, the network-wide Sports Cup is open for senior high school and college students to join and compete on a national level. Students may opt to join men’s basketball competition, the STI National Basketball Tournament, or the women’s volleyball games, the STI National Volleyball League.

STI’s humble beginnings can be traced as a computer training center with only two campuses. Then over the years, STI has transcended to a holistic educational institution, providing diverse programs in Information Technology, Business and Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Senior High School, in 77 campuses nationwide.

5 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Samsung has launched its new phone at Barclays Center in New York. DJ Koh the President and CEO of Samsung Electronics showed the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

And here are the Top 5 Reason Why You Should Buy this phone:

All Day Battery

No need to bring your charger because this phone can last all day. Go all day and night with 4000 mAh battery life.

1TB Storage

The phone will come with a 128GB storage and with a slot for an SD card expandable to 1TB. That’s room for everything you just don’t want to delete.

The New S Pen

Powered by Bluetooth technology. This pen let’s you take pictures, control presentations and navigate your apps without touching your phone.

Intelligent Camera

Automatically adjust color settings, like white balance for low light and over exposure. Detect blinks and unintentional blurs making photography more automated.

Fortnite Gaming

International gaming sensation; Fortnite can now be be played in Samsung. First on any other android device.

We really think that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device is definitely one of the best phones you can buy today.

The Beach Town for People Who Want to Escape the Crowds



There are tons of beaches in the Philippine archipelago which makes it one of the main tourist attractions in the country but this comes with a major drawback: huge crowd.

Remember walking to the beach of Boracay and found the shore packed with people, you know how difficult it is to find the perfect spot and not have to fight for it.

Fret no more! This small beach town located in the southern most part of Luzon, allows you to have the sand and tides all — or mostly — to yourself.


By Land: Take a bus bound to Matnog from Cubao, Pasay or Alabang. Alternatively, ride bus going to Samar, Tacloban or Davao. They will stop at Matnog Port before boarding the ferry. Find the tourism office located at the port to register and book your boat.

By Air: Take flight bound to Legazpi. Once there, follow the instruction above.


This pinkish white sand, with resemblance of Boracay but without the tourist is called “Subic Beach” of Matnog, Sorsogon.

Resilience is Everything: A Conversation with TOKiMONSTA


(July 13th, 2018) MANILA, PhilippinesRed Bull Music Academy alumni, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) returned to Manila for an intimate discussion at 20:20 Nightclub in Chino Roces, Makati City. The discussion was followed by a hotly energetic performance at the nearby XX XX. For Lee, it was a chance for her to sit down and share her insights with a handful of aspiring, young musicians and producers.

“It’s cool! It’s crazy to think that I have any knowledge to impart on anyone else,” Lee shared. “If I share my experiences with you, then you guys can use that as a short-cut to evolve yourself more as human beings. In 2010, I got to sit in the audience and watch artists I respected speak to me. It help fast-forward my perspective through their experiences. Now I get to sit up here and share with you guys, and hopefully, you guys will get to be up here and share with the next generation.”

A native of Los Angeles, California, Lee was raised as a classically trained pianist and would begin creating beats during her time in college. In 2010, she was invited to London for the Red Bull Music Academy. In the time since, Lee has released a string of successful albums under the name, TOKiMONSTA.

“I think that when you make something personal as music, you’re not making it for other people,” Lee began. “You’re making the music as an expression of yourself and your own creativity. And it’s very vulnerable. You’re sharing some part of yourself that’s expressive. When you go to different countries and you see that people are resonating with your music, that means they resonate with a very deep side of you. I’m really humbled by it. And I get to see people also enjoy the music that I make and the shows that I perform. It’s a shared experience by all these different cultures. You start to see this commonality between everyone.”

The Creative Process

Lee discussed her creative process, which the artist admitted that the creation of any piece of music compels total vulnerability. “When you’re vulnerable, you’re trying to show a part of yourself that’s not inhibited. And in a lot of ways, we are all susceptible to trends and influences. It’s very risky to be vulnerable. It’s very risky to express yourself in a way that shows everyone something different. Vulnerability is very much hand-in-hand with being unique and having a unique sound.”

This allowed Lee to really share the inner workings of her creative process. “Focus is really a point of contention. The commonality is that creatives tend to be very unfocused people, you know? I can’t force myself to make music if I’m not in the mood to do it. None of the music that comes out will sound inspired. So I can take upwards of several weeks not making any music, but then once inspiration hits, I’ll lay down five tracks in a week. And once I start a song, it’s very easy for me to discover that I’m very motivated to finish. I’ll work for about eight hours straight. That’s just the way that I work, everyone is different. You can’t force the focus, I guess. You just have to be inspired!”

Becoming a Brand

While the creation of music is often the most attractive aspect of the job for many musicians, the process of putting their music out there can be very demanding.

“You have to learn to be comfortable with yourself, because what are you going to do with all this music if no one can hear it? It’s all relative”, said Lee. “Social media is a great avenue for self-promotion in a way that wasn’t available to people twenty years ago- it was all record labels. Now if you’re on SoundCloud and you’re making really good music, you can find avenues to share your music with other people.”

As far as Lee is concerned, surviving as a successful musician in the 21st century means becoming a lifestyle brand in-and-of-your own body of work. “Music has become a lifestyle brand. You as an artist aren’t just the music that you make. You’re your music, you’re your personality, taste in artwork, preferences, you share so much of yourself (on social media).”


Ultimately, as Lee revealed, the secret of every successful artist is resilience. “Resilience is everything. If you’re not resilient, every blow is going to hit you so much harder. A lot of it isn’t always awesome. The circumstances of our environment, the county that we live in, the people we’re around, it’s not always going to be great. At the same time, there are tons of things that are amazing. It’s not easy, but it’s finding that inner power in yourself – that confidence and that drive. But understand it’s okay to feel all these emotions. But you can’t hold on to them. You can’t sulk.”

As a female Asian-American artist in her genre, Lee’s career as TOKiMONSTA has been filled with a number of challenges, “The challenge has changed over the years. At the very beginning, I wasn’t very common. But my music was up to the standard of my male peers and all my male peers respected the music that I made. And even though I don’t set out to be an example, as an Asian female, I want to show that I’m making decisions. I want to be normal. I want to make music on the same level for everyone else.”

The biggest challenge for Lee, however, was returning to the stage after her battle with Moya Moya disease, a neurological disease that required Lee to undergo two surgeries that temporary impaired her ability to communicate and make music.

“As time passed, the memory of how do things came back to me. So when I started going back out and playing shows, the most challenging part was the more emotional and mental part,” Lee shared. “I had isolated myself from everyone for two months. I had social anxiety. I couldn’t stay out for a long time.  I became very sensitive. To go from not seeing everyone for a while, to a very traumatic experience, to playing in front of 20,000 people at Coachella, it’s quite a big schism to cross.”

Performing Live

For Jennifer Lee, the process of creating a song isn’t just about capturing a single moment or an emotion. It’s about creating an experience, an adventure told through rushing bodies across the dancefloor.

“I do hope that whenever people listen and come to my shows, they understand my intentions for the experience. Not my intentions for them as individuals,” Lee began. “Again, there’s this sense of relating to each other, that we can understand the feeling and emotions in the music. What’s meant to be more sensitive or hyper, you can understand that those were the moods that I was in. I want the music to be cathartic for myself and I want to share it with you, in case that it might bring you some peace.”

Yet, despite all her success, Lee is aware that her music is not for everyone. And that’s something she has shown comfort in.

“I don’t want to force a feeling on anyone. Everyone is allowed to feel what they want to feel. If you don’t like it, cool,” said Lee. “When I preform, we’re going to have an experience together that’s shared. At the end of the day, we’ll know that we went through a whole trip together and experience that together, whatever that feeling was. These are all unique experiences and there’s no way I’m going to recreate the experience that I’m going to have tonight.”

By combining her passion for creating musical experiences to her “never give up” attitude, Jennifer Lee/TOKiMONSTA has become one of the most widely respected acts in her genre. As an alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy, Lee continues to travel all over the world to share her music and her knowledge with the next generation of producers.

“My number one advice for anyone is to be yourself. Be unique. Hear your own voice. Just be yourself. Don’t be like everyone else. Everyone else already exists. You want to set yourself apart. You want to be someone with some level of integrity.”

About Red Bull

The premium Energy Drink known all around the world – Red Bull (Blue & Silver can) – was launched in the Philippines last May 2012. Thanks to its unique formula, Red Bull Energy Drink gives you wings by vitalizing body and mind. For more information on Red Bull, visit our website at www.redbull.com and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: facebook.com/redbull | twitter.com/redbullph | instagram.com/redbullph

About Red Bull Music Academy

The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. We celebrate music, its culture, and the transformative minds behind it.

Begun in 1998, the Academy has taken the core principles that underlie its annual workshop for selected participants and applied this curatorial approach to lectures and events throughout the year. For more information, visit redbullmusicacademy.com and follow instagram.com/rbma | twitter.com/rbma

Lazada and Viber team up for the Football World Cup!


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Lazada’s biggest sale in July celebrates World Cup fever with the Match Day Campaign. July 15 will be a shopping celebration for all as best-selling products will go on special discount. As an added bonus, in partnership with Rakuten Viber, Lazada will be giving out a discount voucher of up to Php 300 if the FREE Lazada Match Day sticker pack gets 20,000 downloads by noontime of July 15. Drop by Rakuten Viber’s sticker mart and download the Lazada Match Day sticker pack now! Tell your friends too, it’s time for a team effort!

Go for gold by downloading the Lazada mobile app for free and enjoy great deals during the upcoming Match Day campaign on July 15.

About Lazada Group

Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. As the pioneer of the eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Lazada helps more than 135,000 local and international sellers as well as 3,000 brands serving the 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions.

With over 300 million SKUs available, Lazada offers the widest range of products in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries. Focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, it offers multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, comprehensive customer care and hassle-free returns through its own first and last mile delivery arm supported by more than 100 logistics partners. Lazada Group is majority owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA).

DENR Announces Reopening of Boracay


President Rodrigo Duterte earlier this year brutally commented that ” Boracay is a cesspool” and announced he will close the island for rehabilitation.

He has given DENR six months to rehabilitate the island, which was closed off to the public on April 26.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources on Saturday said 80 to 90 percent of the island’s infamous cesspool-like waters has already been cleaned.

Here’s a video update from the department;

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu on Wednesday assured public that Boracay island “is no longer a cesspool” and will be ready to accept visitors on October 26.

Thumbnail: DENR YouTube

Kobe Paras is the Newest UP Fighting Maroon


July 10, Tuesday – Paras announced that he will be joining up the University of the Philippines (UP) Fighting Maroons for UAAP Season 81, that recently added fellow Gilas teammate Ricci Rivero.

Photo: NowWhereToGoButUPIt’s going to be a welcome home for Paras as he will follow the footsteps of his father, Benjie, who led the Fighting Maroons to their last UAAP championship in 1986 before becoming the first – and so far only – rookie-MVP in the history of the Philippine Basketball Association.

Photos: NowWhereToGoButUP FB

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