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The Beach Town for People Who Want to Escape the Crowds



There are tons of beaches in the Philippine archipelago which makes it one of the main tourist attractions in the country but this comes with a major drawback: huge crowd.

Remember walking to the beach of Boracay and found the shore packed with people, you know how difficult it is to find the perfect spot and not have to fight for it.

Fret no more! This small beach town located in the southern most part of Luzon, allows you to have the sand and tides all — or mostly — to yourself.


By Land: Take a bus bound to Matnog from Cubao, Pasay or Alabang. Alternatively, ride bus going to Samar, Tacloban or Davao. They will stop at Matnog Port before boarding the ferry. Find the tourism office located at the port to register and book your boat.

By Air: Take flight bound to Legazpi. Once there, follow the instruction above.


This pinkish white sand, with resemblance of Boracay but without the tourist is called “Subic Beach” of Matnog, Sorsogon.


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