Home News Not Again? Warriors vs Cavaliers Part IV.

Not Again? Warriors vs Cavaliers Part IV.


Who will win this series? How many games? Our fearless prediction, Warriors in 5.

Teams have geared up all year long, fans have predicted and waited for them to meet at the end for their 4th straight finals matchup.

Our thoughts, this could be a repeat of last year’s finals. Warriors with an all-star cast (minus Iguodala), who are better on both ends of the floor especially with the arrival of Kevin Durant and Cleveland or should we say Lebron James team which have always been reliant to the King, with or without Kyrie Irving.

It’qs part IV of the Cavs – Warriors battle for supremacy. Warriors have have won 2 out of the 3 post seasons .

2015 NBA Finals: Warriors, 4-2

2016 NBA Finals: Cavaliers, 4-3

2017 NBA Finals: Warriors, 4-1

Anyhow, this is going to be a dramatic season. We’re definitely gonna be enjoying every minute of it.


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