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3 Bizzare Things You Need To know About The “Anti-Distracted Driving Act” 


After almost a year of delay and revisions, ADDA or Anti-Distracted Driving Act has finally been implemented (July 6, 2017). We checked the provisions and found interesting rules and regulations. 

Here are 3 bizzare things you need to know;

Archaic Vehicles Are Not Exempted

Habal-habal, Kuliglig and Kalesa are some of the examples of archaic vehicles that can still be seen on the streets. The law does not give an excuse to these age-old mode of transportation as they are also prohibited on using mobile phones and gadgets while in motion. 

It’s a “Don’t text and drive” for our kutseros. 

Using Earphones Are Not Allowed

All of us wants privacy, either when taking phone calls or even when listening to music. Drivers too.. But under section 4B of this law, the use of earphones are prohibited and is considered “similar acts” that is related to reckless driving violation punishable by law. 

You better be checking Bluetooth headsets and get used to hands free functions starting today. 

Painful Penalties

Violations incurred after the third offense has a penalty of Php 20,000 and revocation of driver’s license.

  • 3rd Offense – Php 15,000
  • 2nd Offense – Php 10,000
  • 1st Offfense – Php 5,000

And, if you are caught 50-m radius within the school, a fine Php 30,000 will be imposed, ouch! 

Check out the link below for more details: 

Video – Anti-Distracted Driving Act Implementation by CNN Philippines


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