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Mr. Gay World is Philippines


MGWO (Mr. Gay World Organization) found a new ambassador, and his from the Philippines. John Raspado is the new spokesperson and role model of LGBTI community, worldwide. 

The competition is held in Spain last Wednesday, May 10.  It’s 21st century public performance, where representatives represent their nations. Last year’s winner is Roger Gosalbes from Spain. In 2011 the Event was last held in Manila, Philippines with Francois Nel from Africa as the winner. 

Other awards include: 

  • Mr Congeniality
  • Mr Fotogenic
  • Best in Sport
  • Best in Interview
  • Best in Swinwear 
  • Best in Written Exam

Here’s the pageant’s official list of winners:
Mr. Gay World 2017 – John Raspado, Philippines

1st runner-up – Candido Arteaga, Spain
2nd runner-up – Raf Van Puymbroeck, Belgium
3rd runner-up – Marco Tornese, Switzerland
4th runner-up – Alexander Steyn, South Africa

Congratulations John and Mabuhay Philippines!