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Get Out and Heads Up. There’s Supermoon Tonight!


The large round thing that circles the earth and shines our night will at it’s closest to us today, Monday, Nov 14 of 2016. It’s going to be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter, making it a Supermoon according to NASA.


This month’s is especially ‘super’ for two reasons: it is the only supermoon this year to be completely full, and it is the closest moon to Earth since 1948. The moon won’t be this super again until 2034 according to the agency. In the Philippines, it’s expected to start at 7:21 PM and will last for more than 2 hours before going Full Moon at 9:52 PM, according to  PAGASA.


The distance between the Moon and Earth varies from around 356,400 km (221,500 mi) to 406,700 km (252,700 mi) at perigees (closest) and apogees (farthest)making it the brightest and the only visible natural entity after the Sun.


Illustration by: Sky and Telescope

Earthquakes are speculated results whenever the moon is near  the Earth. Just recently, there have been reports of earthquakes from Japan, Argentina and today in New Zealand. These are 6.0+  magnitude earthquakes which may cause a lot of damage in very populated areas.

Tides are always higher whenever it’s Full Moon. Tsunamis are constantly monitored by U.S. Tsunami Warning Center as of today there’s no warning received, though there are messages of sea level changes.

This Super full moon event will occur closer to the Earth than at any time for the previous 68 years. I’ve always been a fond of nature and it’s phenomena and I’m definitely going to be watching tonight’s show.

Click the picture below for a short video of the Moon Evolution:

This can also be a great family, friends and workmates bonding and experience. Now prepare to go out and heads up because i’m pretty sure you don’t want to be at the “Dark Side of the Moon” right?